The great 19th Century Japanese landscape artist Hiroshige (1797 - 1858) completed many designs for woodblock prints over his lifetime. Omi Hakkei is the Eight Beautiful Views of Omi, or Lake Biwa as it is now known. This is not the only set of Omi Hakkei designed by Hiroshige, but it is considered the best:


autumn moon at ishiyama

descending geese at katata

evening snow at mt hira

haze on a clear day at awazu

evening bell at mii temple

evening glow at seta

night rain at karasaki

returning sails at yabase

Mokuhanga is the versatile, eco-friendly and beautiful traditional Japanese water-based woodblock printing technique.

Mokuhanga is the traditional water based printing technique, originating in China and perfected in Japan. A print is created through design, carving blocks for each colour, then printing each colour successively until the print edition is completed. Mokuhanga is the Japanese word for wood block print. The Japanese characters 木版画 are 木 wood, 版 block and 画 picture. In Japan its meaning is the print itself, but in general contemporary use it means both the print and the technique. Mokuhanga is growing in popularity worldwide as learning becomes more accessible to people outside of Japan.

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Australian Mokuhanga School

Our courses are the place you can learn the skills of mokuhanga in a friendly supportive atmosphere, for beginners through to professional artists, you can find a course to suit.

Learn traditional and contemporary Japanese printmaking techniques to produce multi-colour, multi-block prints entirely in water based media. Learn how to use traditional tools and equipment, which are all available for use in our workshops and classes.

Based from Ballarat, Victoria and operating in the Melbourne and Central Victorian Areas, we can also run a course in your area if there is enough interest. Please feel free to contact us and begin a discussion...

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